The Learning Curve

Since my last Real Estate post, I have passed the Real Estate Exam and now hold a Real Estate Salesperson License.  To say the days leading up to the test were nerve wracking is an understatement.  Unlike a normal person, the encouragement I received from family and friends only intensified my anxiety about the test.  Everyone was telling me I would be fine and I would pass without a problem.  In my mind I heard, “If you don’t pass, you must not be as intelligent as I thought.”  Although I know this thinking is unjustified and only causes me to worry more, I still have not had enough practice fighting this negative voice.  But, as I have said before, I am a determined person, and one day that voice will be less than a whisper.

Once the proctor of the exam confirmed that I had passed both the national and state portion of the exam I felt amazing.  Before, the anticipation of the test had me feeling as though I were stuck in quicksand.  After, the relief of knowing that I had passed the test had me feeling as though I were walking on water.  Now that I had passed, I knew that I was now able to start working in the industry officially.  I met with my broker the next day and left feeling like a new person.  We planned to go to an ethics training class together, which is required to be classified as a Realtor.  She also offered to send me MLS listings for all the nearby towns until I am registered with an MLS username so that I can start reviewing the current market.  More importantly, she offered to guide me through working with my first client, a friend from college looking to buy.  From setting up the MLS listings to accompanying me on any showings, she is willing to help me along the way, which is something for which I am very grateful.

Unable to contain my excitement that night, I informed my broker that I had experience reviewing appraisals and completing real estate valuations from a prior position I had at a local bank.  I also mentioned that I had a WordPress blog and that I would be happy to help her with any website or blog she may want to create since she recently became an independent broker.  Her interest in this suggestion was more than I had hoped for and she plans to meet with me early next week to start working on the site.  Although I have this WordPress blog, creating a professional business website will be a new adventure for me, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to build off my existing knowledge.

Another key fact I noted just from our brief conversation over dinner was the importance of maintaining strong connections with a variety of business people in different fields.  I can tell that she has a great deal of contacts in numerous fields related to real estate.  Having always worked in a small office environment, seeing the same small group of people every day, it will be a huge change for me to be introduced to new people on what I’m assuming will be an almost constant basis, but I am ready for that change.  I am ready to get out of a hum-drum working environment and start experiencing business and life in a completely different way.  I know adapting to such a change in lifestyle will be a learning curve, but I am always up for a challenge, always interested in finding a way to improve myself and always ready to absorb new information.

I feel confident that the relationship my broker and I will develop as we continue to work with each other will only continue to strengthen.  She mentioned she loves teaching and sharing her knowledge.  She may not have known this when she said it, but those are the magic words for me.  I love being able to gain knowledge and gaining it first-hand from a person with many years of experience is, in my opinion, the best way to do so.  My broker also commented that she is glad to be working with someone like me who has a fresh perspective.  So far, this decision has been one of the best that I have made both professionally and personally.



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