From Frivolous to Significant

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling embarrassingly glum.  I felt unmotivated, unimportant, and unenthusiastic.  I lost interest in things that typically make my happy, like baking, renovating my house and spending time with family.  After thinking about what could be causing this drastic change in attitude, I realized it was the fact that I had nothing in the immediate future to look forward to.  I thought that writing would help me better organize and articulate my feelings, which it did at first, but then it brought thoughts of rejection and insignificance.  I explored my contacts and even reached out to a magazine editor, but none of my ideas were panning out.  (I understand I just started becoming serious about several weeks ago, but as a person with little, if any, patience, lack of progress is devastating.)  The negative thoughts just kept coming and then I would feel worse about myself for not accomplishing anything because of my lack of energy; normally an active person, an over-achiever at times.

Luckily, thanks to my father, I now have something to look forward to in the near future.  He knew I was struggling to find my career path and that I was unhappy and recommended that I get my real estate license.  It was like he was Geppetto and I was his broken clock.  Although I knew what was wrong with me, I was unable to fix myself; I needed guidance, someone who knew my cogs and dials.  Like my father, I have a great interest in real estate.  He definitely has the edge on me as far as construction and renovations, but I understand the financial aspects of real estate and have work experience to show for it.  With this unique knowledge and the boost of confidence I received from his recommendation, I am ready to pursue a new career path and have a clear understanding of the steps needed to do so.  The morning after his suggestion, I contacted the real estate agent that my parents and I used for the purchase of four different properties in the last few years and asked her for advice.  As if everything was meant to be, she seemed as excited as I was that I was pursuing a career in real estate.  She recommended a realty school to me and even offered to continue assisting me as a new real estate agent.  I can think of no better expression than to say “it turned my frown upside down.”

After deciding to focus on real estate, I was unsure if I should continue pursuing my passion for writing as well.  Since I wasn’t getting anywhere as a professional writer, I initially thought I should just give it up and quit wasting my time.  However, a few days after this, I received an Easter present from my aunt that made me wonder if I should change my opinion on writing.  Her Easter gift to me was a weekend away to New Hampshire for a change of scenery to improve my writing.  For someone who does not typically write to research ways to improve writing skill was incredible to me.  It’s always a good feeling to know that others care about your interests, but to go to that length is truly amazing.  Although I was deeply touched by my aunt’s gesture, I still was not 100% convinced that I should still continue writing.  But once again, Dad comes to the rescue.  He probably had no idea how meaning full his one sentence text message would be to me, but it is the final push I needed to feel motivated to write about my thoughts again.  His text was a recommendation of a website that he saw that had tips on writing a book.  Although it was a simple text, knowing that he is encouraging me to continue writing is better than hearing back from any magazine or newspaper editor.  It reminded me that having the support of family is more important than having professional accolades.

Needless to say, these recent events have definitely pulled me out of my funk.  Though it is difficult to imagine positivity when feeling so gloomy, I hope that I remember to look back on this post if I ever find myself in such a gloomy state again.

Daily Post: Frivolous


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