FODMAP Diet: Mindfulness


I finally managed to start a mindfulness plan this past week.  I downloaded an app called Headspace that is a guided meditation program meant to be completed for just 10 minutes each day.  So far, I am on day 2, so I can’t really say that it has completely changed my life, but after the 10 minute session is up, I do feel more relaxed.  The session is guided by an Australian named Andy.  I only have one minor complaint about the app.  There are times when the app is completely silent in order to focus on breathing and relaxing and then, out of nowhere, Andy speaks up again, which causes a brief second of terror and disrupts the mindfulness mojo.  Although, I think if I remember to turn my volume down before I start the session, it should solve the problem.    There are only 10 sessions with the free version of the app, but I believe the sessions can just be repeated over and over again.  I’m interested to see if over time this 10 minute session translates into a quieter mind throughout my entire day.  I’m sure increasing the time I allocate to mindfulness each day will help improve those chances, but for now I am going to take baby steps and see where it takes me.


3 thoughts on “FODMAP Diet: Mindfulness

  1. Another thing we have in common. I went to mindfulness based training last year. We did sound meditation, sitting meditation, and other forms of meditation. I like to do the sitting meditation after a long walk. I can share the info with you if you want.


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