Pain of Progession

I cranked it up a notch this past week.  I did a new ab exercise called “y crunches.”  I’m pretty sure they are named that for the shape your body is when completing them, but I have another theory…”‘Y’ did I do this to myself!”  It took me four days for my abs not to hurt just breathing, but it was a good pain; the pain of progression.  On Saturday, I did a 10 miler and was exhausted for two days.  (Probably didn’t help that I spent Saturday and Sunday painting up a storm in my kitchen instead of resting.)  I also did my best speed run today with an average of an 8:00 minute mile.  This weekend my goal is to hit 11 miles (and also continue the hurricane of painting by painting my pantry bi-fold doors and linen closet doors.)


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