Plank Challenge

Although I thought I had adjusted to running in the summer heat, these past two weeks proved otherwise.  I even upgraded to two fans with no relief.  I know that almost all runners face slower speeds and shorter mileage weeks during the summer months, so I’m trying not to let it bother me – key word trying 🙂  In addition to the heat challenges, my knee pain is also back.  I recently got my treadmill serviced, which I learned basically just involves someone coming out to lube it.  I think the servicing did more harm than good because that the belt seems a little slippery and has less traction, thus the knee issues.  It will probably wear off over a little bit of time, but it gives me more incentive to start running outside.  I bought a new GPS Garmin watch and plan to try it this Tuesday for my tempo run.  Watch seems easy enough to figure out for tracking pace, but it doesn’t seem to have a power off function, unless I am just really tech challenged.

Because I am not sure if my knee pain is due to the treadmill lube or to possible hip and knee weaknesses, I decided to increase my core strengthening workouts by adding more planks.  I found this plank workout below and just tried to do them all in one workout; that was a joke.  I made it to the third variation and then my arms gave out.  Now I am determined to get more strength in my arms and my core to be able to do these planks all in one sitting.  I’m not sure how long it will take me, but its a new and interesting goal for me to work on.


Summer Running

I just ran my second 10-miler this morning.  I skipped last week’s long run because I was exhausted from removing the plaster from my parlor ceiling the day before.  The morning run I completed the day I was going to remove the plaster was probably one of the hardest so far.  I was anxious about the ceiling – how long would it take and how difficult would it be?  Although I was able to accomplish my goal of a 45 minute moderate tempo run, the entire run was painful; worse than some of the runs I completed when I had sore legs.  It is amazing how the mind can affect the body.  (Whoa, getting a little too deep here.)

Since the contractor who I hired to complete my kitchen renovation is set to come any day now, I’m glad I was able to get in a good long run this week.  With all the stress of a renovation, I’m not sure how strong my running will be while it is in progress.  I seem to have adapted to running in the warmer weather, but I think adapting to running under stress will be more challenging.  I am always up for a challenge, so this kitchen renovation will be a good test of that.