Motivation During Renovations

This week I finally met my goal of doing regular core strengthening exercises.  I also got in the same amount of knee/hip strengthening exercises by combining the two into one session.  I can definitely feel the difference since my knees don’t feel like they are about to disintegrate anymore.  It also seems like my speed workouts are not as difficult and I was able to push myself to go a few speeds faster on the treadmill.  I’m about halfway towards my current goal pace of 8:00/mile with my fastest pace of 8:27/mile to date.  It is taking me longer to go from 9:00/mile to 8:00/mile than it did to go from 10:00/mile to 9:00/mile, but it gives me more incentive to keep up with all my strengthening exercises so that I can eventually achieve that goal.

I wasn’t able to complete a long run in this week, but I did go for a long walk around my neighborhood (~7 miles) to make up for it.  I think my body is exhausted from all the demo I have been doing on my house.  I’m already planning on skipping my long run this week too, since I will be stripping all of the plaster off my entire parlor ceiling plus stripping small sections of a few walls this Saturday.  Just when I think I’m done with demo, I get another wonderful idea that means more demo.  It will be worth it in the end, and I know the more work I can do myself, the more I can save for other projects down the line.

(Of course the one ceiling that has to come down is in the largest room of the house.)

My main goal for the coming weeks/months will be to manage my stress levels with all of the construction that will be going on in my kitchen.  It will be harder to manage my time and get in all the workouts I want, so I hope I can stay motivated and continue to improve despite the obstacles that I know are coming.


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