Building Strength

In my last post, I made it my mission to get more serious about core strengthening.  I failed that mission for the past two weeks.  The first week since I wrote the post, I did not do any core exercises.  (I didn’t feel too guilty though because that was my birthday week 🙂 )  The second week, I really had no excuse for the neglect.  My back wasn’t bothering me, so I didn’t have anything to push me to do those exercises.

Although I haven’t had any back pain since my last post, I have a new pain in my right knee.   I thought if I did a few extra stretches and yoga sessions, it would work itself out, but no such luck.  I even tried tying my shoes a different way, which proves how in denial I was about having weak knees.  After doing some research, I realized that I needed to strengthen both my hips and knees to resolve the issue.  I did 6 different types of hip and knee strengthening exercises today and also got in my core strengthening exercises.  It wasn’t as torturous as I anticipated and I know both types of exercises will help prevent future injuries.  I like exercises where I can see the progress I am making.  With running, I can track my pace and distance improvements and with yoga I can see how much closer I can get to touching my toes (nearly there!).  To make these strengthening exercises more interesting to me, I will keep track of how long I can hold the plank and side plank positions as well how many lunges I can do and how deep I can squat.

I also ran my longest run yet on Saturday at 9 miles.  I think once I’m able to run 10 miles, I’ll cap that as my long run distance, considering I’m not training for a particular race at the moment.  Running faster and longer is starting to get tough with the warmer weather.  But, I’m hoping that over the next few weeks, I’ll acclimate to the hotter temperatures.  And if not, I suppose I’ll just have to start looking for places that sell industrial fans.

(Hmm, will this fit down my basement?)

Since I failed my mission from my last post, I will set a higher goal for this week.  I plan to do both my hip/knee strengthening and core strengthening three times each per week.


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