Staying on Track

I realize I haven’t posted anything to my blog in the past few weeks.  Life has been pretty busy lately – a long weekend vacation in Philly, baking multiple birthday cakes, kitchen & bath renovation and Excel consulting.  But despite all these increased demands, I made the time to keep up with my running routine.  I have been adding a few days of speed training workouts to my weekly routine and I am just about at my goal speed of 9:00/mile.  In my 30 minute tempo runs, I average about 9:06/mile.  Although it is in my nature to continue to challenge myself and keep running faster and faster each week, I am going to increase my speed gradually.  After reading an article from Runner’s World, I learned that it takes most runners 7 years to reach their peak fitness.  I have also read countless articles that state that pushing your body too hard, too fast can lead to injuries.  I will continue with my speed workouts, but I am not going to rush my new speed goal of 8:00/mile.  Patience has never been one of my strength’s so getting to this next goal over a longer period of time should be interesting.

I have also been extending my long runs and ran 6 miles this past Saturday.  Longer distances are both exciting and terrifying to me.  I get excited the days leading up to a long run because I can’t wait to test my limits.  But, once the day comes and I finish my warm-up and start to run, all I can think of is the amount of time that I still have to run.  I think I will start listening to music while running because the local news I usually watch isn’t too entertaining.  I know that running outside will probably make the time go by faster, but it is so easy to just hop on the treadmill.  I did complete one outside run in Philly, but my shins were so sore the next day that it didn’t really leave me wanting more.

Sorry this post is a bit boring.  I’ll be better about posting more often so I can include more juicy details about each week’s training 🙂


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