Aches and Pains

This week, I started training to run faster to meet my 9:00/mile goal.  I did a little research and decided to run 10% faster than my normal pace for 2 minutes followed by 4 minutes at my regular pace and repeating this 5 times.  Well, seemed to go well Monday, until I got off the treadmill and had shooting pains in my left knee when walking around.  The adrenaline of running must have numbed the pain while I was on the treadmill.  Tried icing it and elevating it, but didn’t do much.

To make matters worse, I also woke up with a stiff neck on Monday that got progressively worse throughout the day.  Rather than get discouraged about it, I had a laugh about it with one of my co-workers who has been a runner for most of her life.  I confessed to her, “look at me, I’m falling apart running.  I’m limping down the hall and can’t move my neck to the right or up or down.”  She immediately started laughing about the situation as I explained that this all happened in a matter of two days.  The stiff neck was from some ab exercises I did on Sunday and the knee was just from one 30 minute run.  As a long time runner, she recommended getting fitted for a pair of sneakers as that may be the cause of my knee pain.  I thought, great, what an easy fix.  Then she proceeded to tell me that an employee at the sneaker store would have to watch me run on a treadmill at the store.  Well, not so easy after all.  So far, I’ve only run on my treadmill at home.  Just me, myself and I.

That day I thought, maybe the knee pain will subside and I’ll be fine with the sneakers I have.  Tuesday came along and I did the same running workout and my knee felt even worse than Monday, although it still did not seem to hurt during the run.  So, I decided I would muster up the courage and go to the store to determine if it’s just a sneaker issue.  I plan to go this Friday.  I’m still not looking forward to running in front of a store full of people, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

As I’m writing this, I know its probably not the smartest idea, but I plan on doing the same running workout tomorrow.  Stay tuned to see if I still have a knee cap post workout. 🙂


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