spongebob thinking


Why 521 Thoughts?  Many times that is the amount of thoughts it seems are racing through my mind at once.  –  What’s the next home renovation I can do?  Should I refinance my mortgage?  Should I open an at-home kitchen bakery?  Am I saving enough for retirement?  I wish I pursued writing during college, actually make that horticulture, no definitely culinary…or maybe nutrition.  –  Of course, I can’t keep all these lovely ideas to myself.  Until I started this blog, I’ve been projecting all my indecisiveness on to family members, mostly my mom and nana.  I suppose it is time to relieve them from being the sole victims of listening to my ever evolving interests and share my wandering mind with the masses.

Oh, and why SpongeBob you ask?  Well, since he is the greatest cartoon character known to man, he will serve as a placeholder until I finish uploading all my photos and updating all of my formatting since this is a newly created blog 🙂